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Creating 21st century natural medicine from propolis - produced by honey bees.



BeeVital is one of the companies which comes under the umbrella of Nature's Laboratory.

BeeVital is a world-leader in research and in the development of propolis - based products. James Fearnley CEO of BeeVital launched his first propolis company in 1990, creating the BeeVital brand in 2002, with a commitment to ethical practices at its core. James has a passion for bees, propolis and other medicines from the beehive.


BeeVital is one of the companies which comes under the umbrella of Nature's Laboratory and is part of the Threes Company initiative. Beevital is committed to focusing on the threefold nature of the company, recognizing that it is predominantly a company with economic focus but also has a strong community and social element in that it works within a group of companies all with the ethos of making work something that is ethical, meaningful and integrated into the rest of life.


James Fearnley, the founder and CEO of BeeVital, has been researching the medicinal properties of propolis for over 30 years. He has published the principal work in English on the subject: Bee Propolis - Natural Healing from the Hive as well as Propolis and Oral Health along with Dr. Munir Ravilia and Dr Philip Wander.

He has contributed to over 30 peer reviewed scientific papers and much of his scientific work over the last 15 years has been with a team of researchers at the university of Strathclyde led by Dr. Dave Watson. Some 25 papers have been produced by this team.

Over the last 5 years BeeVital has built a small team at Nature's Laboratory's own facility in Whitby, North Yorkshire UK. The Team is headed by Dr Shankar Katekhaye Research Director. This team published its first paper in 2019: Gaps in Propolis Research published in the Apiceutical Journal.