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Global Bee Medicine



In 2021 The International Propolis Research Group (IPRG) started the Global Bee Medicine Group (GBMG) with the International Federation of Apitherapists to promote the wide range of medicinal products produced by the honeybee.


The GBMG is an organisation dedicated to bringing together academic, scientific, health and medical research groups and individuals to join their online global community to help collate, coordinate and disseminate research knowledge about the remarkable properties of bee products.


Many countries have experienced a significant increase in the use of traditional medicines including bee products since the advent of COVID 19 pandemic.

Clinical research in several countries using bee products as a treatment or adjunct treatment for COVID 19 is illustrating the long-held knowledge of what modern medicines refers to as anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

But bee medicines do not work like pharmaceuticals. Their action relies on extraordinarily complex chemical interactions rather than single molecules. They work more by balancing and disabling rather than by targeting and destroying.

The International Federation of Apitherapy and The International Propolis Research Group see the present time as a real and important opportunity to present and promote the compelling body of scientific evidence relating to the therapeutic value of Bee Medicines in relation to the diseases of our time. Together the IFA and IPRG have formed The Global Bee Medicine Group to promote scientific and medical research into the use of Bee Medicines - Apitherapy and Apiceuticals.