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Three's Company Toolkit

When starting out on this journey to become more balanced and healthier in our businesses and organisations, the first step is to assess where we are right now. For this a simple audit of your company or organisation could be helpful.

Simply draw up a table including 3 sections – Economic Social and Cultural & ask key stakeholders, whether that is staff, volunteers, members, customers, or collaborators to note which aspects of the organisation they feel fit into each of the 3 categories.

When analysing the responses, you will become aware of which area your organisation is most focused on & where its strength lies at the present time.

You may also be surprised to find how different people view the organisation in these 3 sections. It can provide a fresh way of seeing the interrelatedness of the organisation and people connected with it.

Once you’ve completed the audit, you can discuss & plan how you would like to move forward in strengthening any of the three areas of social, cultural or economic activity.

Each organisation is different, operates in a different environment and is connected with different stakeholders, so, of course there is no one way to approach this that fits all.

For example, one company may feel they need to focus more on their social aspect and may decide to facilitate regular social activities that staff/ members/ collaborators can join. Another company may feel a focus on the cultural aspect of their business is needed and may sponsor staff to help with local cultural events.

The joy of Threes Company is that it is not complicated, you don’t need to go on a course, take a module or buy in consultants. It’s simple really. It’s a way of being in the world that can make us and our world healthier and happier, more balanced, more sustainable. One of the great things will be to share experiences and knowledge, to support and help each other along the way. To form a network , a community.

We are at the beginning of this journey.

We would love to hear from you if you feel connected to these ideas and would like to connect with us and others moving forward towards a healthier and more sustainable future.