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Threes Company Toolkit

When starting out on this journey to become more balanced and healthier in our businesses and organisations, the first step is to assess where we are right now. For this a simple audit of your company or organisation could be helpful.

We're developing tools which will make this a straight forward process. Below is the 'first draft' of our Threes Company Toolkit. It comprises a video which was recorded live at the very first Threes Company event, held in York in February 2023, along with a series of PDF documents containing various exercises designed to help you think about and begin to apply Threes Company ideas to your organisation.

How To Use the Toolkit

These exercises are best done as part of a group, in order to allow for continued discussion and exploration of ideas. We'd also recommend inviting other organisations to join you, so that you might each benefit from each others' experiences and insights.

As you watch the video you will be prompted to undertake each exercise at the appropriate point. The exercises can be downloaded as PDF files for you to print via the links below.

The Video

The Exercises

Download and print off the PDFs for each of the exercises. It's important that you only undertake each exercise when directed to, and that the exercises are done in the order set out below.

  • The SPEC Test - Personal Health

    Your Social, Physical, Economic and Cultural health. Score yourself out of 25 for each health sector, where 25 is your top score.

    Download PDF

  • Organisational Health

    Your organisation's social, economic and cultural health. Score your organisation out of 33 for each health sector, where 33 is your top score.

    Download PDF

  • How Sustainable is your Organisation?

    What do you already do? Think about the things your organisation already does.

    Download PDF

  • What Would You Like To Do?

    Your short and medium term priorities. Consider some of the ways you might implement Threes Company ideas within your organisation.

    Download PDF

  • What Happens Next

    How Threes Company ideas could influence future decisions. Think about how you might bring about change in your organisation around the Threes Company ideas you have been working with.

    Download PDF